Nik is a project manager, business analyst, and SAS developer with over twenty years experience predominately in the finance industry. Starting his career as a credit risk analyst, he has gained experience in credit risk management, scorecard monitoring, management information, and data warehousing using a variety of analytical tools and especially SAS.

Work Experience

NP Consulting Ltd – August 2004 to current day

SAS Development Working again for the European Patent Office. Nik is responsible for the implementation and provision of quality metrics and statistics, and the analysis of patent system procedures. This includes benefit measurement for patent procedure changes and comparative analyses of international patent procedures, and the delivery of statistical sampling and data extraction routines to enable execution of user satisfaction surveys.
Technical Architect Working at Versicherungs Kammer Bayern. Nik provided technical expertise for the review of their corporate data warehouse considering the tools, process and architecture.
SAS Development & Credit Risk Working again for a major bank in Munich, Nik is currently responsible for the SAS development for a Calibration Tool and Scenario Manager for the credit risk models. This is being implemented using SAS Base, STAT, Macro and OR.
Business Process Modelling At the European Patent Office, Nik gathered and assessed the business requirements are for a business process modelling tool.
Project Manager & Business Analyst At the European Patent Office, Nik led Application Portfolio Management from a prototype project to an established part of the governance of the organisation. Nik developed the Application Portfolio Management methodology, aligned it to the organisation’s needs, established a tool to facilitate the process of data collection and presentation, and integrated the analysis results into the budget approval cycle. Nik also developed the reporting tool using SAS Base and GRAPH.
Business Analyst,
Data Modeller & SAS Development
At the European Patent Office, Nik gathered and assessed the business requirements and developed the design specification for a corporate data warehouse, whilst also prototyping the use of SAS DI Studio.
SAS Development Working for Amadeus, Nik was responsible for the migration of a large SAS application from MVS to Unix, involving complex binary data. This was done using SAS Base and Macro combined with SAS FTP File Access Method, leveraging SAS Hash tables and SAS SPD Server for performance.
Business Analyst & SAS Development Working at LloydsTSB, Nik designed and developed a new tactical Basel II portfolio reporting system using SAS 9, from data warehouse to end reports.
Business Analyst & SAS Development Working at LloydsTSB, Nik undertook a review of the population stability, calibration, alignment and performance of the behaviour credit risk scorecards, and established a new monitoring process going forward. This was done using SAS Base, STAT and Macro on MVS and Windows leveraging SAS EG.
Credit Risk & SAS Development Working for a major bank in Munich, Nik was responsible for the SAS development of a prototype for a new credit risk model to calculate loss distribution (PD & LGD) for the bank. This was implemented using SAS Base, STAT, and Macro.

AMS Management Systems – November 1997 to July 2004

Engagement Management, Sales Support Nik worked in sales support as a subject matter expert to the financial services industry on subjects including application processing (originations), decisioning, collections, customer relationship management (CRM), data warehousing and Basel 2.
Project Management, Business Process Reengineering, &Requirements Analysis Working at Citibank in Germany, Nik was responsible for providing subject matter expertise for the implementation and requirements analysis for AMS’ new collections system. This involved gathering user requirements, leading Citibank with redeveloping their business processes, liaising and coordinating with various Citibank departments around the world, and implementing the new system in Germany, which was being done as a proof of concept for Citibank in Europe and Asia. Nik was also the AMS project manager.
Strategy Design & Business Process Reengineering – CRM Working for the Tax Office of the Australian Government, Nik worked on the design of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy blueprint for improving the day-to-day interactions between the office and the community. This involved looking at the current state of the business and analysing what projects could be undertaken to move the organisation towards the desired future state, this was achieved mostly through business process redesign.
Pre Sales Business Development & Systems Development Nik was responsible for the design and build of a proof of concept prototype application for wholesale car fleet insurance pricing analysis. This prototype was built using Alterian software.
Project Management Nik was responsible for the specification, design (data models) and implementation of a new board level reporting system for Arcor, a major German telephone company. The requirement was to deliver new daily reports on the performance, effectiveness, and value of the sales force. The system was built using BusinessObjects, PL-SQL, Unix and Oracle. Nik was also the project manager for this project, which included client liaison up to board level.
Implementation Management & Systems Analysis and Design Working as an Implementation Manager at UBS in Zurich, Switzerland. Nik was responsible for the systems analysis, design, and then the testing and implementation management of an Active Portfolio Management simulation system, which provides “what if” analyses on the PD, LGD, and Loss Severity of the credit portfolio of the bank. The system was built using Java, SQL and Oracle.
Implementation Management, Business Process Reengineering, & Systems Analysis and Design Nik redesigned the collections Balanced Scorecard in line with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) segmentation principles being introduced at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), whilst also managing the reporting design and development for the collection system and decision engine implementation. The report development was done using WebFocus on an Oracle database.
Systems Analysis and Design Working for the Australian telephone company, Telstra, Nik scoped and designed the process for the regression testing of their collection and decision engine system.
Implementation Management & Systems Analysis and Design Nik devised the test strategy for the Year 2000 testing of a new application processing system being installed at Capital One (US Credit Card company), he also managed the subsequent test execution.
Systems Analysis and Design, & Implementation Management Nik provided subject matter and design expertise for the development of the Operational Reporting for a new Application Processing system at Capital One (US Credit Card company). Nik also managed the development work and system implementation. This work comprised the business requirement analysis, the reporting tool selection (BusinessObjects), the report design, and the system implementation and testing.
Systems Analysis and Design Nik provided technical expertise for the integration of AMS’s Decision Engine with SAS. This involved automating the model equation outputs of SAS STAT and SAS Enterprise Miner directly into the Decision Engine.
Business Process Reengineering – CRM Nik worked on documenting the Structure and Approach of a CRM program Gap Analysis for LloydsTSB bank. He also worked on developing the CRM principles and capabilities to be used as the reference points for the gap analysis.
Systems Analysis and Design, & Systems Development Nik developed a credit portfolio analysis application in SAS. This is a demonstration GUI front end for a SAS data warehouse, designed to prove the concept to clients. Functionality demonstrated includes screen operation, tabular and graphical reports, language selection and context sensitive help. As well as standard credit risk reports, the application has a bad debt forecasting module and facilitates interactive analysis.

Lombard (then subsidiary of NatWest Bank) – January 1996 to October 1997

Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Development – Credit Scoring Whilst at Lombard Bank, Nik was part of a team responsible for encompassing all of the Bank’s credit risk reporting requirements into a single SAS data warehouse. As well as SAS development, His work involved user liaison, requirements specification documentation, and the co-ordination of the workloads of the team.Working in the Risk Policy Unit of Lombard North Central, Nik was responsible for the maintenance and ongoing development of a risk management information system (RoMIo). RoMIo was used to monitor the performance (PD) of a number of credit scorecards in different Lombard businesses. Data analysis was performed via a SAS/AF front end using client server connections to retrieve the data.Nik also undertook a behaviour scoring feasibility project, involving data loads from various sources around Lombard and the subsequent data analysis.

The Mortgage Corporation (then subsidiary of Salomon Brothers) – January 1992 to December 1995

Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Development, Nik was responsible for the development, production, and presentation of risk analysis reports for all levels of management throughout The Mortgage Corporation, as well as for rating agencies and the mortgage security insurers.Nik’s work involved the design and production of management information using SAS to analyse the mortgage portfolio and the company’s exposure to credit policy and market changes. This work included analysing extracts from the Collection and Accounting Systems.Prior to working in Risk Management, Nik was employed in the Credit department and the day-to-day Collections operation.

Technical Experience

Decision Support Systems SAS – Nik has worked with SAS since 1992, for programming, decision support systems and data warehousing. Nik has worked with SAS Base, STAT, Macro, AF, Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide, SPDS, Risk Dimensions, and DI Studio mostly on Windows but also on MVS and UNIX.BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, WebFocus, Alterian


University B.Eng. Hons. Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield, 1990A traditional engineering degree including courses in Applied Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics of Solids & Fluids, Mathematics, Engineering Design, Measurement & Instrumentation.
School 3 A levels, 10 O levels, Kingston Grammar School, 1979-1987

Other skills and interests

Language Skills English – mother tongue.
Swedish – Nik studied “Free Time Leadership” part-time in Sweden for 18 months (1990-1991), and could speak Swedish to a good conversational level.
German – good understanding and spoken.
Hobbies / Sports Golf – Member of Schloss Egmating Golf Club
Scuba Diving – PADI Divemaster
Skiing – for fun
Running – Member of Thames Hare & Hounds club – Former member of British Orienteering Squad